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A Tour of the studio


Unleash your artistic side
and learn from talented artists,
how to paint on pre sketched
canvas, step by step, in a single
painting session, or at your
private painting party!
You will feel like a master
at no time!


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Experience a fun unique
session to choose
what you like to paint.
buy finast online paypal
Choose a design from our
Gallery or send in
a personal photo.
buy finast online prescription
Prior to your session, so
you will have more fun!


Best for birthdays, fundraisers, team parties, corporate team building events, girls’ social events, parent’s socials, girl scouts, mother-daughter activities, women’s clubs or for a small group of friends to have fun!

We offer art parties and classes for kids ages 7 – Adults. Birthday parties are always a hit at
Color Bundles!

We have been offering our services to all over the Bay area since 2011. From
Alamo to Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, Concord, Pleasant Hill,
Lafayette, Pleasanton and South Bay.