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Full Week (5 Days)


Each Day (5 Hours)


Ages: 8 & UP           Day Camp           Mon – Fri           10:00 AM – 3:00 PM            Lunch is included.

Choose a week to participate or create your own one week of different dates, to take advantage of prices for the full week.

Early Bird Discount $25./Child, with a free Tshirt. Cutoff Date    3/30/2018

New family referrals for weekly registrations: $25.00  Credit/each week

Register Now!

Please click on buy finast and minoxidil to view the dates and projects offered. Contact us via email to check the camps’ availability at where to buy finast online yahoo answers.

We will contact you to register. If you will be registering more than one child in any session, the second and third siblings will receive 10% discount. Remember, if you arrive on the first day of class to register, you take the risk of the class or camp being full and it’s very busy on the first few weeks.

Lunch is included.

Hamburger, hot dog, grilled chicken, cold cut sandwiches and pizza.


Camp Projects:

3D Clay Workshops, Fashion Designing, Acrylic Painting on canvas and panel, Mosaics with Clay.
Each project takes about 5 hours. Each day has a theme and all will make the same project. The students will make smaller or larger projects depending on how old they are. All art supplies are included, 8 x 10″, 5 x 7″ and 11 x 14″ clay artworks will be framed. Please Contact us to reserve your space.

Winter, Fall & Spring Break Camps are available and the dates will be posted .


Acrylic Painting & Watercolor

  • 1 – Learn the techniques of Acrylic Painting on canvas, step by step and finish an 11×14” work of art at the end.
  • 2 – Learn watercolor painting techniques and paint an 11×14” piece.






3D Clay Workshops

In these classes students will learn to transform their ideas into drawing and ultimately, into 3D art.




  • 1 – Design and create 3D clay flowers inside an 11 x 14” or 8 x 10″ frame.
  • 2 – Design and create a 3D clay scenery or landscape inside an 11 x 14” frame.
  • 3 – Create 3D flowers with clay (pansy, sunflower, orchid) on 8 x 10” or 11 x 14″ panel.
  • 4 – Clay mosaic on 8 x 10″ or 11 x 14″ panels.
  • 5 – 3D animal designs on the panel.




Fashion Designing

  • 1- Learn to sketch and paint a dress.
  • 2- Design and create a 3D clay dress.
  • 3- 3D dress or necklace design on the panel.



Cheap finast 5mg, Is it legal to buy finast online



  • 1 – Learn to make charm necklace and earrings set.
  • 2 – These classes are designed to teach students the fundamentals of jewelry making and how to decorate the jewelry with their own designed charms.
  • 3 – Design and create a chain necklace with different bead shapes and decorate it with colorful charms made of clay.
  • 4 – Design and make a pair of earrings with your own handmade clay pieces.
  • 5 – Design and make a unique headband with colorful clay designs and a matching pendant.

Please contact us at where to buy finast online yahoo answers if you have any questions. Follow us on buy finast online uk to follow our new events and projects.