Camp’s Schedules and Dates

Winter Break Camp 2017-18

Dec. 15th – Jan 5th

For all your young artists to paint & create beautiful art to enjoy for themselves or to give as gifts for holidays, to family and friends!

Fri.  Dec. 15th;  Paint a Christmas Tree or a Menorah, 2 – 5:00 PM ($45/person)

Week of  Dec. 18th – 23rd     Time  2 – 5:00 PM  ($40/Day)

Mon.  18th:  Paint “a wreath with shiny ornaments on top”      

Tues. 19th:  Paint “a Menorah or The Majestic Rein Deer”

Wed.  20th:  Paint “Fireworks above Golden Gate Bridge”

Thurs.  21st:  Paint “an Ornamental Stocking, add fun designs on top!”   

Fri. 22nd:  Paint ” the Snowman” 

***Sat. Dec. 23rd: Christmas Family Event   2:00 – 4:30 PM ***

 Family of four to paint on 4 pre sketched canvases, as a colloage group painting “Winter landscape through a window”. At the end of the session, take home your family’s  masterpiece to cherish in the years to come! Desserts & refreshments included. $100/ Family of 4

Week of Dec.  26th – 29th     Time  12 – 3:00 PM, $45/Day (Lunch included)

Tues.  26th: Paint “Three snowman brothers”      

Wed. 27th: Paint “Winter landscape through the window “

Thurs.  28th: Paint ” 2 (8×10″) canvases with gift box designs”

Fri.  29th: Paint “Colorful fireworks over SF skylines!”

Advanced reservation is recommended. We will sketch the designs on the canvases prior to each session.

Week of  Jan 2nd – 5th      Time  11:00 AM – 3:00 PM,  $55/Day (Lunch included)

Tues.  Jan. 2nd:  Paint “The snowman in Tahoe”      

Wed.  Jan. 3rd:   Paint & Create snowflakes mosaic on 8×10″ panel” (Frame included)

Thurs.  Jan.  4th:   Paint ” Winter landscape under moonlight”

Fri.  Jan. 5th:  “Paint red birds on snow covered branches & add 3D snowflakes in the background.

Studio will be closed on Dec. 24, 25, 31 & Jan. 1st for holidays.

Advanced reservation is required for all the camp sessions. Call us to register over the phone (925)727-3137 or stop by at the studio.

Refer a friend to register for a week camp and receive $25.00 credit.

Please contact us with any questions during the holidays by email at:  sales@colorbundles.com


Summer Camp 2018 Schedules will be published soon!

6th Annual Summer Art Camp 2017 

8 weeks Art Camp, June 12th – August 11th.  Sign up daily or weekly.

Combine different dates to create a week to register. Different art projects will be offered on each day.

Please click on Camp on home page to view the Camp’s information.

 Day Camp          Mon-Fri            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ages 8 & UP

$350/Week             $80/Day

All supplies are included and all clay projects will be framed.

Early Bird discount:$25/child, Cutoff  Date: 3/31/17

New family referral :$25.00 Credit

Register Now!

June 12th – 16th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday   12th –  Learn to draw and paint an ocean view with palm trees & colorful boats on canvas.

Tuesday  13th – Paint Golden Gate Bridge on panel and create mosaic onr top.

Wednesday  14th – Learn to draw and paint a dog in acrylic on canvas.

Thursday   15th – Create 3D clay kiwi slices, grapes & strawberries on panel.

Friday   16th – Learn to paint a colorful peacock on panel with 3D clay design and beads on top.

June 19th – 23rd            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday  19th – Learn to paint blossom trees and create 3D clay blossoms on top.

Tuesday 20th –  Paint a vineyard landscape on canvas.

Wednesday 21st – Learn to sketch and paint  a Mt. Diablo landscape on 16×20″ canvas.

Thursday  22nd–  Paint and create an eagle mosaics with US flag pattern.

Friday  23rd – Learn to draw and paint a bird on a branch on canvas.

June 26th – 30th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday  26th – Learn to draw and paint persimmons & grapes in acrylic.

Tuesday 27th – Paint & create tulip mosaics on panel.

Wednesday 28th –  Paint colorful butterflies flying over the green fields on panel & add 3d clay designs on top.

Thursday 29th -Learn to sketch and paint a panda on the tree.

Friday 30th – Learn to paint a colorful peacock in Watercolor.

Color Bundles Art Studio will be closed from July 3rd – 7th for 4th of July Holidays!


July 10th  – 14th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday  10th – Paint and create a water lily mosaic on panel.

Tuesday  11th –  Paint flowers with 3D clay birds flying on top.

Wednesday  12th – Paint & create  a birthday design with mosaics on panel.

Thursday  13th – Learn to sketch and paint a zebra on canvas.

Friday 14th – Learn to sketch and paint a beach scenery on canvas.

July 17th – 21st            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday 17th – Learn to design, sketch and paint a dress on canvas.

Tuesday 18th -Paint a field of golden poppies on the hills and add 3D clay on top.

Wednesday 19th –  Paint and create a Golden Gate Bridge mosaic on panel.

Thursday  20th –  Decorate 3 clay cupcakes with colorful clay and beads.

Friday  21th –  Learn to paint tulips in Watercolor.

July 24th – 28th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday   24th –  Learn to paint fall trees and add 3D clay leaves on top.

Tuesday   25th –  Learn to paint and create a Mt. Diablo landscape with mosaics.

Wednesday   26th – Learn to sketch pomegrante in acrylic on canvas.

Thursday    27th – Learn to paint orange calla lilies in acrylic.

Friday  28th – Decorate 3 clay cupcakes with colorful clay and beads.

July 31st – August 4th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday 31st – Learn to design, sketch and paint a sport jersey on canvas.

Tuesday 1st -Paint and create your name’s mosaics.

Wednesday 2nd -Learn to paint elephants in acrylic.

Thursday  3rd – Decorate 3 clay cupcakes with colorful clay and beads.

Friday  4th –  Create a cupcake and happy birthday text in mosaic.

August 7th – 11th            12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Monday 7th – Design and paint a garden landscape on canvas.

Tuesday 8th- Paint & create the Golden Gate Bridge  mosaic.

Wednesday 9th –  Decorate three clay cupcakes with colorful clay and beads.

Thursday  10th – Learn to paint a colorful zebra and decorate it with clay and beads.

Friday  11th – Learn to paint sunflowers with acrylic, on canvas.


Each projects takes about five hours to complete.. Please contact us to register at:

sales@colorbundles.com, Tel: (925)727-3137

All supplies are included and all clay artworks will be framed.