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Color Bundles’ Give Back Program

At Color Bundles, we are committed to give back to our community. Every year, we give donations to about twenty schools and non-profit organizations. Girls’and Boys’ Scouts, ages 9 & up who paint at the studio to earn their art badges, will receive 15% discount. The local schools that participated in Color Bundles’programs, raised needed funds to help with their enrichment programs. Color Bundles offers a series of special events to all local schools and non-profits in the Bay Area to raise money for their organizations.

Family Art Fundraiser

Color Bundles provides a relaxed atmosphere where each client may explore his/her creative abilities. Different art techniques are explored under supervision of caring instructors without pressure or criticism. Encouragement and direction are provided to each student, adult or child, individually.

Everyone loves a party and we provide space for not only a party but a painting lesson for all the guests. Parties geared for children and /or adults have been immensely successful.

Each school or organization would schedule 3 – 4 social painting events, as Family Art Days, in their calendars at Color Bundles and choose a design for the groups to paint from our GALLERY. On the day of the event, we would offer the painting sessions for adults or parents from 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM and 4:00 -7:00 PM for kids, siblings or the whole family together (1-4:00 PM slot would also be available if they choose the dates on the school’s minimum days).

The cost would be :
$35.00/person for 8 x 10” canvas
$45.00/person for 11 x 14” canvas

Color Bundles would donate 15% of the amount spent at each event to your organization.
Please contact us at sales@colorbundles.com or Tel: (925)727-3137 to book your events or if you have any questions.

Help your school to earn free money. Best for Auction’s Sign Up Parties, schools’ Field trips, Nonprofits or Schools’ Family events.

With each holiday approaching, these events become popular as you would enjoy the company of your friends creating beautiful art, while giving donations to a good cause!

Earn free money for your organization in two different ways:

1- Choose certain dates for large groups to participate in the painting events.
2- Choose a full year period that anyone can book their own sessions.

We will include the donation’s amount on each invoice. Private painting parties are excluded.

Color Bundles’ Annual Charity Fundraiser




Join us every year in February, to paint for free and help to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation. Sign up to paint on the special date and donate $45 to the foundation. Raffle tickets with great prizes would be available. Let us know if you would like to donate your services and we would promote your business. Save the date, Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 2018  for our next annual NBCF fundraiser.

Time 1:00 – 4:00 PM and 6:00 -9:00 PM

Click here to sign-up


Please contact us to reserve your space at sales@colorbundles.com. We hope to see you then.