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Canvas Painting on 8 x 10″, 2 hrs
Extra hour available / $15.00
Canvas Painting on 11 x 14″, 3 hrs $45.00




Mosaics on 5 x 7″ ( 2 hrs) $40.00
Mosaics on 8″ round platter $55.00
Mosaics on oval platter $40.00
Mosaics on 10″ round platter $65.00
Mosaics on 8 x 10″ (4 hrs) $80.00
Mosaics on 11 x 14″ (6 hrs or 2 sessions) $140.00
Mosaics on 16 x 20″ ( 8 hrs or 4 sessions) $300.00




Clay Project on 5×7″ panel ,3 hrs
** with painting on background, 5 hrs
Clay Project on 8×10″ panel, 3hrs
** with painting on background, 6hrs
Clay Project on 11×14″ panel , 3 hrs
** with painting on background 6 hrs
Clay Project on 16×20″ panel, 5 hrs
** with painting on background, 10 hrs
Clay Cupcake ( Glued on a mini cupcake holder) $35.00
Napkin rings decorated with clay & beads (6) $35.00
Clay Project on a hanging oval platter $35.00
Clay Project on 8″ round wooden platter $50.00
Clay Project on 10″‘ round wooden platter $65.00




Clay Pendant with a ribbon $25.00
Clay Necklace and Earrings Set $50.00
One pair clay Earrings $25.00
Clay headband $35.00
Clay necklace charm on a chain (with 3 clay flowers) $55.00




Decorate one large clay ornament $30.00
Decorate two small clay ornaments $35.00
Decorate one large clay egg $35.00
Decorate two small clay eggs $55.00
Decorate a clay gingerbread house $55.00
Decorate a clay haunted house $55.00
Clay Bird ornaments with feather and beads $35.00
Custom made Clay designs on 8 x 10″ picture frame $35.00

All the materials are included and 5×7”, 8×10” & 11×14” clay projects will be framed.
Advanced reservation is recommended. Tel:(925)727-3137

Wed – Fri. 1-6:00 PM Sat 11-5:00 PM
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