New Events


Everyone loves a party and we provide space for not only a party but a painting lesson for you and all your guests. Gather together with friends and family and book your group in one of our painting events. Choose a clay project or a painting design to do as a group or individually. We will direct you step by step on how to create your masterpieces!

Special Painting Events in December 2017

Mother – Daughter Painting Event 

Sat. Dec. 16th, Time: 2:00 – 5:00PM
Ages 9 & Up – Adult
Paint “Starry Night in San Francisco”  Two Paint /$80
The fun continues for the girls to enjoy complimentary desserts & 
a free nail polish, while the mothers will sip some wine and have appetizers at 1001 Collection Boutique, at 391 Hartz Ave. with extra 10% Off, holiday shoppingsContact Color Bundles Art Studio at (925)727-3137 to reserve your space, by Dec. 15th.

Holiday Events for kids ages 8 – adults

Fri.  Dec. 15th;  Paint a Christmas Tree or a Menorah, 2 – 5:00 PM

Sat. Dec. 16th : Mother- Daughter Special Painting Event 2 – 5:00 PM

Sun. Dec. 17th: Hanukkah Family Event  11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Paint a colorful Menorah design with your family, on 6 (8×10″) pre sketched canvases, as a collage group painting. At the end of the session, take home your family’s unique masterpiece to cherish in the years to come! Lunch & Dessert included. $120/ Family of 4

Week of Dec. 18th – 23rd, Time  2 – 4:30 PM, $40/one  person , $70/Two

Mon.  18th: Paint “a wreath with shiny ornaments on top”      

Tues. 19th: Paint “a Menorah or The Majestic Rein Deer”

Wed.  20th: Paint “Fireworks above Golden Gate Bridge”

Thurs.  21st: Paint “an Ornamental Stocking, add fun designs on top!”   

Fri. 22nd: Paint ” the Snowman” at 11 – 2:00 (Family Art Day with pizza & snack, $40/person or two/$70.)

Sat. Dec. 23rd: Christmas Family Event   2:00 – 4:30 PM

 Family of four to paint on 4 pre sketched canvases, as a colloage group painting “Winter landscape through a window”. At the end of the session, take home your family’s  masterpiece to cherish in the years to come! Desserts & refreshments included. $100/ Family of 4

Week of Dec.  26th – 29th   Time  12 – 3:00 PM,  $40/ person, or $45 (Lunch included)

Tues.  26th: Paint “Three snowman brothers”      

Wed. 27th: Paint “Winter landscape through the window “

Thurs.  28th: Paint ” 2 (8×10″) canvases with gift box designs”

Fri.  29th: Paint “Colorful Fireworks over SF Skylines!”

Advanced reservation is recommended. We will be open onthe first week of January 2018, from Tues. Jan. 2 – 6 th. We will sketch the designs on the canvases prior to the session. Then all can start painting together, while we give step by step instructions, to make sure you will have more fun! Best for group events, team buildings or holiday parties!