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 Improve your painting skills with practical tips and tricks.

Classes are offered on Wednesdays or Thursdays, each month. The clients will learn about the color theory and usage of different brushes. The emphasis will be on freedom of expression, combined with one on one instruction. Each month, the workshop will have a theme. You may send a personal photo 3 weeks in  advance.

Cheap finast online canada, Buy finast from india

The teacher/student ratio would be one to four.  Kids Ages 8 – Adults

 All supplies will be provided. Three classes of 2 hours + sketched canvas . $170/Person

 Extra time would be available for your convenience  at $20.00/hour.

Personalized Painting Kits Available Now!

New  from 2017, Color Bundles offers ” Personalized  Paintings  Kits”!

Experience a fun and easy  way to paint what you love!

Unleash your artistic side and learn to paint  a picture of your house, pet, a landscape or your own caricature at home, easily!

Possibilities Are Endless!

Send us a photo 3 weeks in advance, we sketch it on a canvas, take it home to paint!

Each package will include a sketched canvas, all the paints, brushes & step by step  instructions.

 Price $120.00 

Please contact us at buy finast and minoxidil to place your orders.


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Try it once at Color Bundles Art Studio!

The Best Customized Gift for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,

Graduations or any special occasions!

 No special talent is needed. Anyone regardless of skills can do it!


Color Bundles’ Customized Painting Workshops  2018

Adult’s Acrylic: Thurs.   2:30 – 4:30 PM
Kid’s Sketching Class: Wed. 3 – 4:00 PM

Kid’s Acrylic Class: Wed. 4 –  6:00 PM

Learn to paint your HOUSE with acrylic in March,

Learn to paint your “Flowers” with acrylic in April,


Special Sketching & Painting Workshop on Wednesdays in May:

“Learn to sketch a Teddy Bear (your favorite stuffed animal)”

 May 2nd & 9th, 3 – 4:00 PM

Learn to paint it on a canvas, on May 16th & 23rd, 3 – 4 PM

$140/student, all supplies will be provided.


Paint your PORTRAIT (Cartoon Style) in September, 

A Pumpkin Patch in October, Fall trees in November,

Paint a Tahoe Snow landscape  in December.