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Purchase finasteride finast - Where to buy minoxidil and finast


Color Bundles hosts monthly painting events on the second Thursday of each month. A fun painting theme will be selected and everyone can sign up to participate one week in advance. The dates would be available on our event’s Calendar. Our artists will sketch the chosen design for the night on the canvases ahead of time and will be available to assist you during the party. You may bring your own drink and food ( finger foods , sandwiches, etc..). Sit back , relax with your favorite beverages, smile and have fun painting! Our instructors will help you to make this simple and fun, even for a beginner who has never painted before!

Painting Your Cartoon is among the fun themes we offer.

Email us your portrait one week in advance. We will sketch it on the canvas prior to the session. Cartoon character’s bodies will be available to choose from at the event.

Please contact us at (925)727-3137 , Wed.-Fri. 1:00 – 6:00 PM for more information and reservation.